It can be difficult to make choices regarding something as important as your care. Therefore we’ve created a clear break down of our services to help you understand the care options available and make a well informed decision.

Our care services are designed to enable you to live an independent lifestyle in the comfort of your home, surrounded by loved ones and personal treasures. With years of experience addressing a variety of cases with people of different ages, we can ensure that you will receive exceptional care.

When considering your care options, it is important to begin with a needs assessment which will be conducted by one of our senior carers. They will evaluate your care needs and talk to you in detail about what help you feel would be most beneficial to you.  They will then suggest which of our services would best suit you.

Unlike healthcare, social care is not free to everyone. We understand that financing healthcare can be a worry; however there are several different ways you can fund your care including government grants and subsidies, and charitable support.

After a needs assessment, if you qualify for care, your local authority will carry out a financial assessment to determine how much government funding you may be eligible for and how much you personally may need to contribute. If you care for a family member or loved one for over 35 hours a week, and are over 16, you may also be able to receive financial support and can find out more about this from your local authority.

If you are entitled to government funding, there are several different ways for you to pay for your care services. One option is to have social services manage your care completely. With your agreement they will choose a local service provider, decide what help you receive and how often you are visited, and take care of the financial aspects.

We understand that this isn’t for everyone. You may prefer Individual Service Funds, whereby you have control over your care whilst social services along with your care provider, manage the financial aspects.  Your local council will transfer any funding you are entitled to the care provider of your choice who will then manage the money to deliver the services you need when you need them.

This service gives you greater flexibility than managed services as you are able to decide in what way, when and where the care worker supports you. You are able to alter this regularly as your needs may change from one day to the next. It also removes any financial and employer related responsibilities that come with direct payments as the service provider is accountable to the local council who monitors their spending.

If you do not qualify for government funding, you may still be entitled to receive benefits or allowances. Both attendance allowance and disability living allowance are paid to you if you are over age 65 with a physical or mental disability, and are non-means-tested. To find out about other forms of benefit, and what you may be able to claim, contact your local council.

Several charities are also available to help support people in need of social care such as Age UKTurn2us and Family Fund. They can offer information and advice, and financial assistance from one off payments to regular financial aid.

To discuss your options, please do not hesitate to give us a call or contact us.